1. What is Streaming Server-Side Rendering (streaming SSR)?

Streaming server side rendering is the process of streaming a complete HTML page one chunk at a time instead of sending it in a single large response

2. How does Streaming Server-Side Rendering (streaming SSR) work?

  1. first a client sends a GET request to the server
  2. the server then begins to render the page
  3. streaming it one chunk at a time to the client
  4. which renders each chunk as it arrives

3. What are the Pros and Cons of Streaming Server-Side Rendering (streaming SSR)?


  • performance improvement over SSR
    • better TTFB than SSR
    • faster FP and FCP
    • consistently fast irrespective of page size
  • better backpressure handling
    • responsive websites even under challenging conditions
  • SEO optimized


  • lack of support
    • not all runtimes support HTTP streaming, which is necessary for streaming SSR
  • caching more difficult, but possible
  • some patterns incompatible with streaming*
    • for example patterns that generate markup on the server
      that needs to be added to the document before the SSR-ed chunk

4. When should you use Streaming Server-Side Rendering (streaming SSR)?

  • when you can easily transition from SSR into streaming SSR
  • when you need better Time To First Byte, First Paint and First Contentful Paint
  • when you are doing server-side rendering and have difficulty processing all incoming requests

Perfect for e-commerce, social media and big content websites


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